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Westphalian University of Applied Sciences

Knowledge. That´s what counts

Nowadays 9.168 Students study at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences. 4.987 of them are registered in Gelsenkirchen, 1.973 of them in Bocholt/Ahaus and 2.208 of them in Recklinghausen. In total the University offers 24 Bachelor, 12 Dual Bachelors, as well as 20 post-graduate Masters. The number of employees round 683 at present.


Research and Development core areas at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences are support by the main Technical Departments at the University. Frequently these Core Areas have been publicly funded, partly as University Cooperation with other institutions.
A part of these core areas have been developed as operative Institutes, other remain as part of the global structure of the University.

• Energy
• Health
• Special topics of Informatics
• Mechatronics
• Labour economics
• Automation
• Bionics
• Culture for Innovation
• Logistics
• Recycling technologies
• Regional development
• Robotics
• Sensor technologies
• Chemical and biological technologies
• Mobility
• Materials and surfaces

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Establishment of the European Project Office in the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen (Euro-WHS)

EUPro-WHS plans to establish a European Project Office in order to increase the participation of the WHS in EU-Projects in Horizon 2020, giving support during the submission of the proposal and the implementation of the project.

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Prof. Dr. Michael Brodmann

EU Liaison Officer

+49 209 9596-828

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