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Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

Green. Innovative. Practical.

2 campuses (Weihenstephan, Triesdorf)
plus 2 additional locations (Straubing, Schlachters)
6.400 students (2017/2018)
19 bachelor's degree programmes, including 13 work-study degree programmes
12 master's degree programmes, including 4 international master's programmes

We educate more than 6.000 students for the working environment of tomorrow in the fields of nature, nutrition and environment, with the strong focus on the degree programmes in life sciences and green technologies. We are known for our wonderful and familiar campuses with its short distances and our cooperations with more than 80 educational institutions worldwide.
We combine the knowledge about natural potential with practical experience.
For a livable future. Applied sciences for life.


Interdisciplinary, international and practical research at the

• Institute of Horticulture (IGB)
• Institute of Food Technology (ILM)
• Institute of Ecology and Landscape (IÖL)
• Biomass Institute (BIT)
• the Departments of Bioengineering Sciences (FK BI), Agriculture, Food and Nutrition (FK LT), Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Systems (FK AE), Environmental Engineering (FK UT), Forestry (FK WF), sustainable Use of resources at the HSWT Straubing site and the Schlachters research station for pomiculture (SCH)

in 3 research priorities:

• Land Use, Nutrition, Health
• Environmental Precaution, Biodiversity, Climate Change
• Renewable Raw Materials, Renewable Energies, Energy efficiency.

The Team of Research at the Centre of Research and Knowledge Transfer (ZFW) coordinates, advices and supports research projects across all disciplines represented at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) as an interface between administration, science and external stakeholders.

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HS Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Campus Weihenstephaner Berg

EU-Strategy FH: From EU young talents to EU lighthouse

We support our researchers in all stages of their research projects, train our administration, and establish a fundament for an innovation lab to bring together students, professors, researchers and SMEs.

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Current research projects:

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Meike Dlaboha

EU Officer

+49 8161 71-6310

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Martina Bauer

Project staff "EU-Strategie FH"

+49 8161 71-6312

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