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University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück

HSOS is the largest college in Lower Saxony. During the winter term 2017/18 HSOS hosted 13937 students, 328 professors, 70 tutors with special assignments and 362 research staff. HSOS consists of five faculties at three different locations: Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture (AuL) (Campus Haste), Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (IuI) (Campus Westerberg), Business Management and Social Sciences (WiSo) (Campus Westerberg), Management, Culture and Technology, (MKT) (Campus Lingen), Institute of Music (Caprivistraße 1). HSOS in it’s legal for is a foundation with a number of associated firms. These firms are responsible for the collaboration with the industry and SME as well as for technology transfer.


The research focus of HSOS is threefold:

1) profiling research focus,
2) internal research focus
3) competence centres

While the four research foci characterise HSOS as a whole representing long-term research endeavours, internal research foci together with applied research activities represent mid-term projects funded by specific project grants.
Competence centres, on the other hand, are an expression of long-term cooperation, especially with regional partners on specific research topics that have become institutionalised over time. These centres reflect both the intensive research activities at HSOS and the results of intensive network activities,
start ups and platforms for students who take up practice-oriented topics and develop innovative ideas in the course of their final theses.

The following research areas can be exemplary:

Innovative materials and material technologies, health care research, management and information technology, future-oriented agricultural system technologies, energy systems, economy and legal issues of energy.

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