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Harz University of Applied Sciences

With its two locations in Wernigerode and Halberstadt, the university is located at the edge of the low mountain range, the Harz Mountains. Meet an innovative university with state-of-the-art, market-aligned degree programmes, dedicated teaching staff in step with actual practice, helpful fellow students and first-class technical equipment. Harz University of Applied Sciences, with its friendly atmosphere and park-like campus paired with the charm of our beautiful, medieval town is a great place to study! In a nutshell, the two locations of Harz University of Applied Sciences offer the best of both worlds. On the one hand, there are the advantages of smaller towns where one can live in a comfortable and familial environment and on the other hand, there is this innovative and progressive university.


We see ourselves as a scientific institution, attaching central importance to applied research and development. Harz University of Applied Sciences strives to use its research activities to make a significant contribution to social, economic and technical development while infusing the curriculum with up-to-date content. At Harz University, our scientists and researchers work on a wide-ranging field of topics.
However, all three Departments of our university emphasize selected key areas of research:

- Economic Development and Location Management
- Aspects of the management structure reform/modernization of management
- Sustainable company management
- Market psychology and business psychological methods
- Quality of life and tourism
- Information and communication technologies
- Climate protection and adaptation of the impacts of climate change
- Industry 4.0 (including Cyber Physical Systems, Mechatronics

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EU-Strategy-FH 2017: Three Universities of Saxony-Anhalt develop their european research potentials (HS³ Go Europe)

The partners' aim is a permanent continuation of the strategic transfer structures beyond the funding and specialize in the subject areas "Sustainability & Resource Efficiency", "Digitization" and "Demographic consequences".

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Project HS³ Go Europe

At Harz University, efforts have been made for a few years with a special commitment to successful cooperation with the local economy. The Vice-rector of transfer and research Prof. Dr. Georg Westermann started the "Application Lab", 8 employees are dedicated to the planning, financing and support of joint research projects with partners from business, science and society. Joint application procedures will be accompanied from the first kick-off meeting to the submission of the final grant application. The professional accompaniment of joint research or development projects - for example, in state-of-the-art research or in the preparation of joint work and financial plans - relieves all other applicants and enables smaller companies, in particular, to participate in otherwise too complicated application procedures.

In addition, as a potential project partner, Harz University of Applied Sciences offers not only excellent access to experienced researchers, but also to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. The fields of environmental technology, the smart home, as well as motion capturing and IT security belong to the diverse research disciplines as well as autonomous robotics. Dealing with the consequences of demographic change is considered from the technical as well as the economic point of view at Harz University. The development of new technologies and business models in the field of digitization/ business 4.0 round off the research profile at the Halberstadt and Wernigerode sites.

Contact Person(s)

Prof. Dr. Frieder Stolzenburg, Mitarbeiter der HS Harz, Porträt
  Foto: Hochschule Harz

Prof. Dr. Frieder Stolzenburg

Vice Rector for Research and Equal Opportunity and Project Manager HS³ Go Europe

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