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Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

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Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is one of the major providers of bachelor and master degree programs focused on planning and constructing, engineering sciences as well as social work and health in the Rhine-Main Region. Frankfurt UAS is hence among the leading universities for applied sciences in Germany, currently having more than 15.000 students allocated to four faculties: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics; Computer Science and Engineering; Business and Law; and Health and Social Work. More than 270 professors and 500 researchers and administrative and technical assistants stand for innovative and outstanding teaching, research and further education. A number of laboratories, test beds as well as centers and institutes form the structure of research at the individual faculties.


Research at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is diverse, results-, and application-oriented; it focuses on the following core areas: demographic change and diversity, mobility and logistics, renewable energy as well as networks and distributed systems.
Ongoing development of innovations in cooperation with the economy, politics and the administration is an inherent part of our research projects. These projects can thus be implemented on a practical level in the best way possible and become accessible to the society. The research projects are funded through state, federal or EU support programs as well as directly via grants by or as part of contracts with practice-focused cooperation partners.

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Blick auf das Gebäude 1 der UAS Frankfurt aus westlicher Richtung
Foto: Benedikt Bieber/Frankfurt UAS

Strategic set-up of European Partnerships at Frankfurt UAS (StEP)

The implementation of the project aims to ensure that an EU strategy is supported by many stakeholders and that a "culture of European cooperation" is anchored at the university. The strategy consists of five work packages that work in concert to achieve the intended goals.

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