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EU-Strategie-FH Projekte

Nürnbergpicture without statement
Implementation of an EU strategy at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm – OHM-FitForEU

The OHM-FitforEU project is dedicated to implementing an EU strategy to boost the potential of regional and national projects and to drive development, on the individual and institutional level, towards European networks and research collaborations in order to increase participation in the Research and Innovation Framework Program Horizon2020 and increase the reputation and visibility of the university’s own researchers in the international scientific community.

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AachenFH Aachen, Gebäudedetail mit Schriftzug
Foto: Arnd Gottschalk, FH Aachen
Competence for Europe

Research-intensive, close to the border, well networked with SMEs – the FH Aachen has great potential to participate in EU projects. Unfortunately, far too little use is made of this yet. This strategy is meant to change this.

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HamburgProjekt Broadway
Foto: HAW Hamburg
Broadening Horizons - Ways of sustainable networking, visibility and support (BROADWAY)

BROADWAY aims to increase HAW Hamburg’s involvement in EU-funded research. Its threefold focus encompasses intensifying networking, raising HAW Hamburg’s profile and enhancing funding application support.

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HS Emden/Leer

Production harmonizED Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots and Machinery

HS Emden/Leer

Cognitive Robotic System for Digitalized and Networked (Automated) Insect Farms



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