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EU-Strategie-FH Projekte

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The research strength of the OTH Regensburg is to be expanded by an EU research strategy. This will increase the visibility of the university at EU level and EU funding volumes. At the same time, the role as a research partner is being expanded.

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AachenFH Aachen, Gebäudedetail mit Schriftzug
Foto: Arnd Gottschalk, FH Aachen
Competence for Europe

Research-intensive, close to the border, well networked with SMEs – the FH Aachen has great potential to participate in EU projects. Unfortunately, far too little use is made of this yet. This strategy is meant to change this.

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EU-Strategy-FH 2017: Three Universities Saxony-Anhalt develop the european research potentials (HS³ Go Europe)

The partners' aim is a permanent continuation of the strategic transfer structures beyond the funding and specialize in the subject areas "Sustainability & Resource Efficiency", "Digitization" and "Demographic consequences".

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HS Emden/Leer

Enhanced Physical Internet-Compatible Earth-frieNdly freight Transportation answER

HS Emden/Leer

Production harmonizED Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots and Machinery



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