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EU-Strategie-FH Projekte

OstfaliaSchriftzug Ostfalia
Foto: Aline Köhler
EU-Strategie-Ostfalia // EU-Ostfalia-IMPL

The strategic goal of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences is to strengthen the appeal of research and teaching by increasing its presence and visibility in the European research area. The strategy and the internationalisation concept of Ostfalia aim to tap into the European research area and exploit identified potential.

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Trierzwei Roboter
Foto: Christopher Müller-Dönnhoff
„START – Student Activating and Revolving Strategy at Trier University of Applied Sciences“

The internationalisation of research at Trier University of Applied Sciences is at the core of the START project. Here you can find out how this was successfully achieved through the institutionalisation of an EU advisory office, the early activation of newly appointed researchers and the integration of research into teaching.

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Weihenstephan-TriesdorfHS Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Campus Weihenstephaner Berg
EU-Strategy FH: From EU young talents to EU lighthouse

We support our researchers in all stages of their research projects, train our administration, and establish a fundament for an innovation lab to bring together students, professors, researchers and SMEs.

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TH Nürnberg

Storage-Enabled Sustainable Energy for Buildings and Communities

HS Magdeburg-Stendal

Knowledge Exchange for Efficent Passage of Fishes in the Southern Hemisphere



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