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EU-funded projects of TH Aschaffenburg - University of Applied Sciences

Eurostars - Cofunded by Horizon 2020 and EUREKA member countries

4-in-1 all optical sensor system for automated, faultless high power laser cutting machines

We develop a sensor for unmanned, automated operation of high power laser cutting machines with exceptional low detection error meeting industrial demands. The sensor eliminates miscuts, thus reducing cost-intensive material waste and increases energy efficiency of industrial cutting machines, i.e. resource efficiency is granted in an unprecedented way. The sensor is developed fully compatible to current cutting heads, thus can also be retrofit to existing machines, boosting its market volume.


Contact Ralf Hellmann
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Optical Engine for femtosecond laser based micro lathe

We develop an innovative material processing unit for femtosecond laser based lathe. Contrary to conventional laser processing heads, the new product will be adapted to specific needs of high precision micro laser lathe for 3D processing of rotationally-symmetric components. To achieve superior process quality and user friendly process handling, our innovative optical engine includes a process optimized laser source, processing head for tangential laser machining and an adapted CAD/CAM Software.


Contact: Ralf Hellmann
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Erasmus+ - key action 2 - strategic partnerships

Promoting mindful encounters through intercultural competence and experience

The PROMINENCE project addresses key objectives of policies concerning the relevance of higher education (HE) by opening avenues for cooperation linking teachers, students and employers. PROMINENCE is about providing SMEs with greater opportunities, by providing them with graduates entering the job market who have been trained using authentic, up to date, digitalised learning materials, focused on the actual needs SMEs identify in overcoming cross-cultural communication problems affecting their business activities.


Contact: Alexandra Angress
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