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Nuremberg Institute of Technology

Nuremberg Tech is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany with more than 13,000 students. We are developing ideas for the world of today and tomorrow – and researching to find solutions to society’s most challenging questions. As one of the most research-intensive of all Bavarian universities of applied sciences and a leader in third-party funds, Nuremberg Tech maintains excellent ties with local and international companies and is an important driver of innovation in the Nuremberg metropolitan area. The Nuremberg Institute of Technology is a global player with partnerships with 160 institutions of higher education around the world.
The wide variety of fields of study and our practical orientation allows us to pursue the technical, economic, societal and creative challenges of our time and to provide our graduates access to excellent professional prospects. Twelve Faculties offer accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, including part-time programs for professionals, certificate programs and dual system options.
The Nuremberg Institute of Technology is an audited “family-friendly” university and is committed to improving the balance between studies, profession and families.


Die Technische Hochschule Nürnberg hat Ihre Forschungsansätze in zehn Leitthemen analog der Forschungsstrategie der EU und der High-Tech-Strategie der Bundesregierung zusammengefasst, die sich an den Zukunftsthemen und Wirtschaftsbranchen bzw. Anwendungsgebieten orientieren und darüber hinaus das existierende Wirtschaftsprofil der Region wiederspiegeln. In mehr als 150 Laboren in den technischen Fakultäten entsteht ein hohes Innovationspotential, um Antworten auf die großen gesellschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Fragen zu finden. Die zehn Leitthemen sind Energie; Städte und Gebäude der Zukunft; Verkehr, Logistik und Mobilität; Umwelt und Rohstoffe; Neue Materialien; Medien und Kommunikation; Automation und Produktionstechnik; Gesundheit; Demografischer Wandel sowie Innovative Dienstleistungen. Erforscht und entwickelt werden u.a. neue technologische Energiekonzepte, fortschrittliche Materialien für innovative Technologien, innovative Verfahren für ein gesundes Leben.oder neue leistungsfähigere Transportkonzepte für das Mobilitätsverhalten.

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The Nuremberg Institute of Technology has summarized its research into ten key topics - analogous to the research strategy of the European Union and the high-tech strategy of the Federal Government - which are based on the topics of the future and economic sectors or application areas and also reflect the existing economic profile of the region. In more than 150 laboratories in the technical Faculties there is a high potential for innovation directed at finding answers to major social and economic questions. The ten key topics at Nuremberg Tech are: Energy; Future Cities and Buildings; Logistics and Mobility; Environment and Raw Materials; New Materials; Media and Communication; Automation and Production Technology; Health; Demographic Change; and Innovative Services. New technological energy concepts, advanced materials for innovative technologies, innovative processes for a healthy life, or new and more efficient transport concepts for mobility patterns are a few of the topics being researched and developed on our campus.

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Implementation of an EU strategy at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm – OHM-FitForEU

The OHM-FitforEU project is dedicated to implementing an EU strategy to boost the potential of regional and national projects and to drive development, on the individual and institutional level, towards European networks and research collaborations in order to increase participation in the Research and Innovation Framework Program Horizon2020 and increase the reputation and visibility of the university’s own researchers in the international scientific community.

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Horizon 2020 Projekte (FHnet)
More EU-funded projects (TH Nürnberg)

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