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TH Aschaffenburg - University of Applied Sciences

Innovative and interdisciplinary

Founded in 1995, TH Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (HAB) is one of Bavaria's most recently established public universities and currently has more than 3,300 students. Teaching is particularly characterized by an innovative, interdisciplinary approach, and degree courses are closely oriented towards business and industry.

The university currently offers eleven bachelor's degree courses and six consecutive master's degree courses in two main study areas, that of business and law and that of engineering. Two bachelor's degree courses and one master's degree course are also available on a work/study basis.

International and hands-on

All degree courses include substantial foreign language and practical components as an integral feature. What is more, close collaboration with companies and partnerships with international universities ensure students acquire knowledge that is relevant in practice.
The university pursues application-oriented research, guaranteeing optimum practical relevance based on a consistent transfer of knowledge between the university and industry.


Strong on research and future-oriented

The focus areas of THAB's top-level applied research are intelligent sensor systems and system engineering, and the application of functional materials. These two areas serve the priority areas of mobility, communication and energy as part of the High-Tech Strategy 2020, as well as belonging to the sections of the EU research funding programme Horizon 2020 entitled "Societal challenges" and "Leading role of industry".

These focus areas are reflected in the five core subjects through interdisciplinary collaboration:

• Automotive
• Energy efficiency
• Intelligent systems/automation
• Functional materials (incl. optoelectronics and biomaterials)
• Knowledge transfer

Structured and science-supporting

The research fields are combined under the umbrella of the Center for Scientific Services (ZeWis). This serves as a catalyst for research activities in cooperation with regional SMEs as well as with large-scale industrial corporations at the national level and also international research partners. The excellent technical facilities not only provide the basis for internationally acclaimed research results, they are also an attractive source of motivation for young scholars. Particular attention is paid to the scientifically sound transfer of knowledge acquired to industry and society. Unique opportunities for academic development are afforded by the collaborative interdisciplinary research programmes offered by HAB's two faculties, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Law.

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The project EU-STRAT-AB aims to reinforce THAB Aschaffenburg's international research activities by promoting international networking and increasing the visibility of its research achievements. By incorporating existing international resources and protagonists, efficient service structures and activities are used to provide effective support for research within an international setting.

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Contact Person(s)

Dr. Heike Bruhn, Mitarbeiterin TH Aschaffenburg, Porträt

Dr. Heike Bruhn

International Research Management

+49 6021 4206-513

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Tilo Gockel, Mitarbeiter TH Aschaffenburg, Porträt

Dr.-Ing. Tilo Gockel

Research Coordinator ZeWiS - Centre for Scientific Services

+ 49 6022 813-629

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