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University of Applied Sciences Dresden

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The HTW Dresden is the second largest university in the state capital with more than 5,000 students. Founded in 1992, today it joins the top group of German universities of applied sciences. The 36 degree programs in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Geoinformation, Agriculture, Environment, Chemistry and Design lead to the Bachelor, Master and Diploma degrees.
Teaching and research at the HTW Dresden are closely linked and highly practice-oriented. Students can participate in research projects at an early stage, benefit from close contacts with industry partners and, in addition, have the opportunity to do their PhD in the context of cooperative doctoral procedures.


The research at the HTW Dresden is based primarily on the four profile lines Mobile Systems and Mechatronics, Sustainable Livelihoods, Information Systems, Business Management and Foundation. With its application-oriented research, the university is an important partner especially for medium-sized companies in Saxony and very well connected with the numerous technology and research centres of Dresden as a location for science.
The objectives are the further development of high-performance research fields, the acquisition of third-party funds, especially for the creation of additional jobs, the expansion of the laboratory infrastructure and the professional development of university members.
The other spectrum includes the preparation of expert reports, industry consulting, participation in trade fairs, organization of conferences and colloquia as well as inventions, patents and exploitation work.
Special attention is paid to the unity of practice-oriented study and applied research under the motto "teaching research - teaching by theory". Students have the opportunity to participate in research projects through bachelor, diploma, masters and papers. High-performing graduates can do their doctorate within the framework of the Saxon cooperative model.

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Challenge Horizon 2020 – Development and Implentation of a EU-Research strategy at the Univeristy of Applied Sciences Dresden

The HTW Dresden intends within HTWgoesEU an internal strategic transformation with a five-module EU research strategy to systematically increase the successful acquisition of EU research funding.

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