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City University of Applied Sciences Bremen

The City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen (Hochschule Bremen) is located in the heart of Bremen Neustadt. It is characterized by tradition and innovation. With a history reaching back to 1799, today the range of degree courses offered at the institution is decidedly innovative and practically oriented. Approximately 8.800 students enroll in 66 degree courses in areas such as engineering, natural sciences, economics and social sciences. More than half of these degree courses include obligatory semesters of study or internship / fieldwork abroad.


Research at HSB is multi-disciplinary and diverse in topics and approaches. Interdisciplinary research clusters unite six areas of future-oriented research:

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HS Bremen, Standort Flughafen

Management of change processes to increase success of applications in Horizon 2020

Within the scope of “EU-Strategie-FH”, Hochschule Bremen aims to develop and institutionalize necessary processes and structures to successfully support their scientist and administration in planning and managing EU-funded projects.

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Blue Sciences Dynamics, Tension and Xtreme Events Quality of Life Aerospace Mobility Changing localities

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Dr. Britta Lüder

Vice rector research and transfer

+49 421 5905-2023

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Marie Lottmann

+49 421 5905-2641 (pandemiebedingt nur per email zu erreichen)

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