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„START – Student Activating and Revolving Strategy at Trier University of Applied Sciences“

The internationalisation of research at Trier University of Applied Sciences is at the core of the START project. Here you can find out how this was successfully achieved through the institutionalisation of an EU advisory office, the early activation of newly appointed researchers and the integration of research into teaching.

Initial situation

Even before the start of the project in 2015, TUAS had already shown itself to be strong in research and third-party funds at a continuously high level. However, despite its strategically favourable location at the southwestern border triangle, the research projects carried out focused primarily on national research programmes. As a result, TUAS‘ university administration acknowledged that less experienced researchers avoided applications for European funds within the Research and Innovation Framewok Programme of the European Union due to its complexity and resource intensity. A systematic advisory structure in the form of a central point of contact for EU consulting did not yet exist at this time.


The primary aim of the "START" project is to establish a research culture lived at all levels, from students and staff to professors. This is accompanied by the goal of continuously expanding and advancing European and international research efforts at TUAS and thereby strengthening its international research and cooperation network. This has already been achieved very successfully through the implementation of professional advisory structures in the form of a central EU advisory and coordination office.
The fact that this strategy is paying off is also demonstrated by the continuously increasing number of Interreg projects that are being implemented. TUAS has thus succeeded in further developing its partner network, opening up new cross-border cooperations in Europe and sustainably expanding its research infrastructure.


The newly created advisory and coordination office for EU research at the locations in Trier and Birkenfeld is the core of the project and represents the central point of contact for the three project target groups of staff, students and researchers. Its main task is to provide professional advice throughout all stages of the application for EU funding from project outline and partner search to the elaboration of the sophisticated project proposal. More than 40 researchers resort to these services on a regular basis so that the advisory and coordination office for EU research was able to institutionalize itself at TUAS. Newly appointed researchers are being sensitised and activated for EU projects at an early stage by means of a workshop on EU funding.
An entirely unique feature of the START project is the integration of research into teaching. Within the framework of a fundraising seminar, students get to know the application processes during their studies and are able to develop their own project ideas in interdisciplinary teams. TUAS is thus laying the foundation for successful research careers at an early stage.
Moreover, an annual competition for EU research with a newly launched student funding line in 2016 makes a decisive contribution to the internationalisation of research at TUAS.


2014-12-15 to 2020-3-31

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Contact Person(s)

Dr. Eva Klos, Mitarbeiterin Hochschule Trier, Porträt

Dr. Eva Maria Klos

Research Facilitator

+49 651 8103-742

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Stefanie Erbach

Staff member of the EU Research and Coordination Unit

+49 6782 17-1577

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